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Acer Computer Repairs Perth: A Professionally Enhanced Computer Service Centre

Versatility is the word to look for when describing Acer laptops/desktops. These systems have become a staple in common households. Any discrepancy in this staple nature compromises productivity. Therefore, it is considered prudent to look for the Best Acer Service Centre.

In those times, we implore you to put your trust in us, our laptop and computer services Perth.

Issues that Might Effect your Acer systems

  1. Issues with motherboards: Acer motherboards are moderately designed. Their versatility increase, the more you spend on the, these inbuilt systems at some times do not get to vent off the heat in a judicious way. The result, overheating. Overheating means a sick system. It might also mean that a system’s end days are near.
  2. Issues with the keyboards: The soft and smooth nature of an Acer laptop keyboard doesn’t afford a lot of hammering. As a result, even a marginal extra force could damage it. Therefore, in addition to precaution measures, it is advised to seek help from our repair centre for optimal aid.
  3. Laptop screen issues: Acer laptops are sleek and stylish. The latter attribute is only explained by its screen. Laptop LCD screens are the one to behold. Unfortunately, it seems the integrity was traded off for style in this regard. As a result, a single freckle of coarse dust might put a sliver of deformation on it.

When accounted for collectively, we provide the following laptop repair services

  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Blue screen of death
  • Connect with Norton Help Australia for solutions
  • Laptop won't startup
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Software installation and updating
  • Antivirus related issues
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Cracked Screen
  • Virus Infection
  • RAM Upgrade
  • Dead Battery

Don’t have time to come to our workshops? Our pick-n-drop service is here for all your needs.

Your time is immensely valuable to us. For this reason, we have initiated the “pick-n-drop” services. This service includes on-site repairs or system transportation in case extensive repairs are needed. All this service will cost you is a nominal fee that depends upon the distance our engineers might have to cover.

Acer Services Perth: your repair needs are just a phone call away

Whether you are across the road or a hundred miles apart, our repair centre is always there to stand by your side. We provide two types of services; one is the customer support, which entails remote assistance given to you by our arduously trained professionals. The second assistance is our prolific engineers, who can provide you with On-site repairs if you so desire. To avail these services, all you have to do is pick up the phone and contact us on our toll free number 1800-431-355 .

  • By calling on our customer service number 1800-431-355
  • Live Chat as we are available here for 24/7
  • Write to us at
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