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Acer Repairs Melbourne: Best solutions for your Computer Malfunctions

Acer Laptops and computers are known for their affordability, versatility and ease of access. To this end, they have provided a multi-faceted machine to the masses entailing the inexpensive netbooks and the priciest Predator. Hence, it comes as a shock to no one that this system has made a name itself in the hearts and minds of many residents of Melbourne. Now if only the system was invulnerable, then it would have been a lot more famous. But alas! It is not, needing a special assistance from a singularly talented support centre.

If so, you do not need to further than the Acer Repair Melbourne, a laptop and computer service centre comprised of the best engineers, better technical support technicians and goo customer service representatives. Together, they work internally assist you with Laptop screen replacement, peripheral management, keyboard repairs, and other hardware issues. And also, the more inherent software issues such as third party antivirus installations or anything related to operating system.

Acer Service Centre Melbourne is the host of many support methods

We consider the hindrance to productivity as the greatest crime. For this particular reason we have branched out into providing you with services such as round the clock support, pick n drop services, remote assistance and Onsite repairs. Acer laptop repair centre explains these services in a more substantial fashion:

  • Remote Troubleshooting Support: Through the aid of modern technology, we are able to provide our clients with perhaps our most sought after service, the remote assistance. Through this service, a client won’t only be given simple walkthroughs, but also thorough troubleshoots to their applications. Here, our experts take control of the user’s hardware at a superficial level and fix the issues from their side.
  • Onsite Repairs: is the location of our laptop service centre not as per your convenience. Then do not worry; with our Onsite support, our engineers are always enthusiastic to repair your hardware on your own premises. So whether you 10 or 20 miles ways, our experts would always be there to assist you.
  • Pick n Drop Services: There may be some times where the Onsite repairs won’t be completely successful. To that end, we have a pick n drop service in place. Through this support, your device would be provided with safe passage to and from our computer repair centre.
  • 24 x 7 Assistance: you would be delighted to know that all of our mentioned services also entail round the clock support. Therefore, whether it is night or day of any given holiday or otherwise, our remote technicians, and Onsite experts will always at the ready to assist you.
  • With all these assistance boasts made by us; you might ask, how and why are they sol flexible? The answer lies in our inherent traits.

    We have the inherent quality that makes us stand apart from the rest

    That quality is integrity. You see. It is fine to have talent. Hell, it is also fine to have components, but it is not fine not to have integrity. Therefore, we have made it our highlight to imbue your entire team with the basic morals of integrity, professionalism and courteousness. It is these three traits that assist us providing our customers with the mentioned services. To put it in perspective: it is our integrity that makes us honest and open, it is our professionalism that makes us enduring to provide all day assistance, and it is our courteousness that provides the customers with optimal hospitality. You don’t believe that, then just hit us up on the phone and find out for yourself.

Contact Melbourne Based Acer Service Centre to get our Assistance

Whether you need a demo or substantial repairs, you can hit us on our service centre number 1800-431-355 . As you would have already surmised, this number is completely toll free. Do not be worried about the hold times, because we have several executives and your issues would always be given a priority. Therefore, there are no hold times.

  • By calling on our customer service number 1800-431-355
  • Live Chat as we are available here for 24/7
  • Write to us at
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