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How to keep an Acer USB safe from a power surge?

Posted by Admin, 10 Sept, 2018

No matter what electronic component, in case of non-availability of an independent power source, none of these components are safe from the power surge. Acer laptops, as versatile as they are, are no exceptions.

USB, an essential external component that has made component interconnection more feasible, is extremely vulnerable to this issue. Power surge leads to overheating, and overheating leads to intense electrical damage. Therefore, it is an extremely crucial task to know how to prevent power surge. To aid you with rudimentary understanding, Acer Repair Centre is here. But, before we go into tackling this issue, we have to ask ourselves this:

How to keep an Acer USB safe from a power surge?

What is a power surge?

For this definition, we can always go buy the dictionaries. But, to promote better understanding, it is always better to go with real-world analogy.


Let us take a balloon. Now try to inflate it with air-cannon. Air-cannon shoot out highly concentrated and directional air-gash. Think of what the result would be? Would the balloon be filled safely? The answer is pretty simple, no. The balloon would behave predictably, it would explode. Power surge is basically the same thing. The only difference being, instead of air, electricity is involved.

Proper definition:

Power surge is an oversupply of voltage from the electrical companies. The durations of these surges vary. Usually, these occur in a very small time frame. But, during this small time-frame of about 50 milliseconds, the voltage often reaches to 6000 volts, which is, at a hind-sight, extremely destructive.

How these power surges can influence an USB?

USBs or Universal Serial Bus ports tend to have a limit power draw limit of 500 milliamps. At times due to electricity fluctuations, they try to draw more power than this allotted slot. As a result, the port registers as a power surge. This sudden eruption of power does not only cause problems for your USB, but it also has devastating effects on the motherboard. To prevent this mishap, it is necessary to tackle power surges.

The final steps; how to keep the USB ports safe from power surge?

Acer service Centre Australia has come up with comprehensive precautions you can take to keep your components safe from power surging. Following are the steps:-

  1. From the start menu, if you are using windows 7
  2. Click on control panel.
  3. If you happen to be using windows 10, type in “control panel” in the search box.
  4. In the control panel, click on ‘Device Manager’, either directly or via ‘Hardware and Sound’.
  5. Then, after right-click, get a contextual menu for the category labeled, computer.
  6. From here, select and click “Scan for hardware changes”. This option will disable any port registered for the power surge. Otherwise, it will carry on. In the latter case, you can stop right there.
  7. If the case is the former, click on the arrow beside “Universal Bus Controllers”.
  8. This will expand the info –tree.
  9. This tree will provide with the list of currently installed USB controllers and hubs. A yellow exclamation mark besides any of the listed components will indicate a problematic scenario.
  10. From here you have to contextually access and uninstall all of the drivers listed under Universal Bus Controllers.
  11. Use right click->uninstall to perform these tasks.
  12. For the final step, restart the computer. A system restart structurally refreshes the entire operating system. As a result, windows will re-install all of the USB components that you have previously uninstalled. This will restore the USB’s into the previous state of re-usability and hence “safe”.

If you want to know more or if your situation is dire regarding your system, contact Acer service centre sydney.

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