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How to Create a Recovery Disk for an Acer Computer

Posted by Admin, 10 Sept, 2018

No matter sturdy or functional your hardware might be, when an external calamity hits, it’s the internal software data that you would miss the most. Luckily Acer Computers have included a recovery methodology for this particular scenario. To this end, a recovery disk is implemented.

What is a recovery disk?

A recovery disk is a disk that back-ups all the relevant applications and the data. Therefore, you might say that this virtual hardware that comes pre-installed in all of the Acer Computers can be the difference between the salvation of a dying hardware and its complete obliteration.

Let us take a balloon. Now try to inflate it with air-cannon. Air-cannon shoot out highly concentrated and directional air-gash. Think of what the result would be? Would the balloon be filled safely? The answer is pretty simple, no. The balloon would behave predictably, it would explode. Power surge is basically the same thing. The only difference being, instead of air, electricity is involved.

How it is implemented

The titular brand implements the aforementioned functioned using the eRecovery application. This program comes pre-installed in most of the Acer hardware. This application is an entails several diagnostic methodologies including an automated disk creation wizard.

How to Create a Recovery Disk for an Acer Computer

Acer repair centre brings to you the way to accomplish the titular task.

Steps to create a recovery disk:-

  1. Turn on the system: The first step is obviously is to turn on the system. But care must be taken here, because you need the auxiliary power to burn the external storage device. And without optimal power, the recovery process might not start in an optimal fashion.
  2. Navigate to start-> then Programs -> then Acer empowering Technology (this is just a network name that entails the auxiliary tools provided by the titular hardware) -> Click on “Acer eRecovery Management” present in the resultant pop-up menu.
  3. Choose the recovery option: At this juncture, you would be provided with a choice to recover your hardware in of or two ways; The first one is called “full”, which would extract the complete system data whether they are essential or non essential, the other one is “fast”; it would only recover the essential drivers.
  4. Name the backup: the recovery disk you would create will act checkpoint for future references. To this end, put a name and a date on the back up.
  5. Verify the final step: After all the choices have been made, click “yes” to confirm all the modifications and then select “next” to start the data recapturing process. Depending on how much of your hard drive space has been filled, the process might take anywhere from 45 minutes to 6 hours. The latter time frame is for the storage units having data in the term of terabytes. First, an image would be created, this image would have to burnt onto an external hard disk or a CD
  6. Burn the disk: Put the external hard drive of the CD in, and then burn the mage onto them accordingly. This process might take a bit more time. These days, stored data tend to be huge. Therefore, it would behoove you to use large external drives to finish this task.

This process is one way to make the system a bit future proof, at least when it comes to data. To that end, if you have any further query, feel free to contact the Acer service centre at the toll free number 1800-431-355 .

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